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Institute of Polymer Science in Chemical Engineering

Contact person: date: 2018-12-24

The institute of polymer science in Chemical Engineering was established in 2016, which is dedicated to the basic innovation and application of high-tech materials in major national and local strategic needs, and to explore new polymerization technologies and material modification technologies. Aiming at the important scientific problems and key technology in the development of national pillar industry, especially petrochemical industry and high-tech materials industry, the institute attaches great importance to the sustainable development and environmental friendly, in the soft nano multiphase multicomponent large varieties of polymer materials, composite materials, natural and biological medical polymer materials, and other fields to carry out basic and applied basic research. By combined with the social from all walks of life in a variety of forms, complementary advantages and common development, the institute is dedicated to become a polymer chemical and new materials research and development base of the important international influence, and to play an exemplary role in gathering outstanding talents, cultivate excellent research teams and create free atmosphere of academic exchange, etc., so as to make contributions to the development of national petroleum and chemical industry. The research interests include the blending and composites, photoelectric and energy polymers, biomedical polymers and soft nanomaterials.