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Key Laboratory of Coal based Carbon Materials in Petroleum and Chemical Industry of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry (under way)

Contact person: date: 2018-12-24

The key laboratory will revolve around the coal fine high value-added utilization problems and common platform technologies to service country’s major development strategy, especially the requirements of the efficient utilization of coal resources in western China, and to construct the basic theory system of fine coal utilization and new system integration techniques for process intensification. The ultimate goal of the laboratory is to build an international first –class platform for basic scientific research, the development of key technologies and talent training in the coal-based carbon material and high value-added fine chemicals fields.

The research interests of the key laboratory include:

(1). the creation and application of coal-based functional carbon materials

(2). synthesis technology of high-value fine chemicals based on coal

(3). new chemical technology and process intensification technology for the fine utilization of coal.