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SCET consists of Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Institute of Industrial Catalysis and Institute of Polymers in Chemical Engineering. The school has 1 discipline in Chemical Engineering and Technology with doctoral degree authorized unit, 1 sub-discipline in Chemical Process and Equipment with doctoral degree authorized unit, two majors in Chemical Engineering and Technology AND Process Equipment and Control Engineering for undergraduate. Chemical Engineering and Technology is the strategically key discipline of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The two undergraduate majors have been awarded as national characteristic specialties. The major, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, has been authorized as one of the national disciplines for excellent engineer training program. The major, Chemical Engineering and Technology, has been authorized as comprehensive innovation unit by Shaanxi Province. Currently, the school has 1 National-level Engineering Education and Practice Base and 2 Teaching Demonstration Centers of Shaanxi Province, 4 excellent textbooks in national level.

Currently, there are over 400 undergraduates, 300 graduates including 50 Ph.D candidates. Most students are directly involved in various subjects on advanced engineering application, resulting in well trained scientific spirit and research ability. Thus, graduated students are very popular in universities, research institutes and industries and so on.

The students in SCET have obtained excellent achievements in many scientific competitions, such as Challenge Cup students extracurricular science and technology competition the first prize of "international silk-road competition of innovation and entrepreneurship to college students", the first prize of "competition of social practice and technology for energy-conservation and emission-reduction to national college students", one excellent paper of "annual meeting of innovation and entrepreneurship to national college students" etc..

SCET focuses on three main research areas: (1) Green transformation of fossil and renewable energy, (2) System integration and emission control, (3) Optimization, safety and reliability of equipment and system. SCET has 1 Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Energy Chemical Process Intensification. In addition, the school also keeps well cooperation with many large enterprises, such as China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) , China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (Yanchang Petroleum Group). In recent 3 years, the school has undertaken more than 100 research projects, including the National 973 Program, the National 863 Key Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the enterprise cooperation projects, resulting in over 200 high-level international publications.

SCET has established widely international cooperation with universities and research institutes around the world. A series of achievements have been obtained in joint training of students, hosting international conferences, undertaking international cooperation projects and international academic exchanges.