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· Enhanced visible-light activity of F-N co-doped TiO2 nanocrystals via nonmetal impurity, Ti3+ ion... 2019-01-03 
· Low-temperature synthesis of alkalis doped TiO2 photocatalysts and their photocatalytic performan... 2019-01-03 
· One-step solvothermal synthesis of hierarchically porous nanostructured CdS/TiO2 heterojunction w... 2019-01-03 
· A facile strategy for the synthesis of hierarchical TiO2/CdS hollow sphere heterostructures with ... 2019-01-03 
· Construction of novel three dimensionally ordered macroporous carbon nitride for highly efficient... 2019-01-03 
· Heat integration of heat pump assisted distillation into the overall process 2019-01-03 
· Relative concentration based pinch analysis for targeting and design of hydrogen and water networ... 2019-01-03 
· Synergistic effects from co-pyrolysis of low-rank coal and model components of microalgae biomass... 2019-01-03 
· Novel three-dimensionally ordered macroporous Fe3+-doped TiO2 photocatalysts for H-2 production a... 2019-01-03 
· Preparation of 2D/2D g-C3N4 nanosheet@ZnIn2S4 nanoleaf heterojunctions with well -designed high-s... 2019-01-03 
· Y Bonding CdS-Sn2S3 eutectic clusters on graphene nanosheets with unusually photoreaction-driven ... 2019-01-03 
· National and ministerial projects undertaken by the SCIT 2018-12-24 
· Public Center for Instrumental Analysis of XJTU-SCET 2018-12-24 
· Institute of Polymer Science in Chemical Engineering 2018-12-24 
· XJTU-SICCT Research and Development Center of Coal Chemical Technology and Equipment 2018-12-24 
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