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Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Energy and Chemical Process Intensification

Contact person: date: 2018-12-24

The scientific research of the laboratory is mainly focused on the process intensification, transport phenomenon and system integration, aiming to build a high-level research platform for energy and chemical process intensification and to gather the first-class research and development talents. In view of the bottlenecks in the development of energy and chemical industries in Shaanxi province, the laboratory is committed to carry out the forward-looking scientific basic research, develop new process intensification technologies, and make major original achievements, so as to better provide support for the sustainable development of the energy and chemical industries in Shaanxi and even the whole country. The research interests of the laboratory mainly include the following three aspects.

Research interests

Research contents

Novel catalytic process intensification techniques

1. Theoretical and computational catalysis

2. Rational design, directional preparation and scientific characterization of new catalytic materials

3. Study on multi-unit coupling and supernormal reinforcement of the reaction process

Transfer enhancement techniques

1. Mass transfer enhancement

2. Heat transfer enhancement

3. Enhancement of momentum transfer


integration techniques

1. Integration and optimization of mass transfer networks

2. Integration and optimization of energy systems

3. integration, optimization and control of energy and chemical processes for efficient utilization of energy and mass resources