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Positions for full-time research postdoctoral

Contact person: date: 2018-12-28

1. Requirements

(1) Education: must have a doctoral degree;

(2) Age: usually not more than 35 years old;

(3) Experience: at least 1 first author paper being published at the “most influential” journals; or at least 2 first author papers, SCI index; or significant engineering capability (recognized)

Notes: The second author paper with the tutor being the first author is regarded as the first author paper. The most influential journals refers to those being included in the International Journal List published by the Graduate School of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

2. Research group and fields

(1) Green conversion of fossil and renewable energy

Ø Green catalytic conversion of fossil energy & preparation technology of high value coal-based products

Ø Creation and utilization of new type and high performance coal-based carbon materials

Ø Green conversion and efficient utilization of renewable energy & new energy chemical industry

(2) Integration and emission control of energy chemical system

Ø Integration and optimization of chemical system based on energy/exergy efficiency

Ø Mass transfer separation technology for process energy saving and emission control

(3) Major equipment and safety and reliability technology for energy chemical

Ø Theory and technology of optimization design of high efficiency energy chemical process equipment

Ø Long period safe operation and life-extending technology of major equipment and system of energy chemical industry

3. Salary and other benefits

(1) The reference income is no less than 200, 000¥ per year. Specific salary need to be discussed.

(2) Providing an apartment during the period of working.

(3) Offering children admission treatment.

(4) Social insurance and housing provident fund for postdoctoral researcher (Purchasing commercial medical insurance for foreign and Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan postdoctor)

The post doctoral fellow will be subject to the contract administration, being identified as assistant research fellow. Normally, the post doctoral duration is 3 years, which could be extended according to the research task. Outstanding persons could be appointed as formal teachers or researchers when they leave the station.

4. Recruitment methods and requirements

The applicant must submit the following documents by e-mail or letter:

(1) Personal resume.

(2) Copies of doctoral degree certificate (the graduating student who has not yet obtained the degree certificate shall submit the certificate provided by the unit, stating when the degree certificate will be granted).

(3) Related materials that prove personal ability and level, such as the published papers and award certificates.

(4) Catalogue of scientific research achievements and the abstract of doctoral dissertation.

Please send the scanned file to email, using the email subject format “Name—School of graduation—major”.

Contact information

Contact person: Mr. Yuantian Niu

Phone number: 86-29-8266 5843

Address: No.28 Xianning West Road, School of chemical engineering and technology, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, POC

Postcode: 710049