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SCET held the 2017 “Silk Road Young Scholars Seminar” Chemical Sub-forum

Contact person: date: 2018-12-28

On the afternoon of November 17, the third “Silk Road Young Scholars Seminar” chemical sub-forum of Xi'an Jiaotong University was held in the conference room 106 of SCET. Sixty young talents from the chemical industry at home and abroad collided with each other to discuss the academic issues in the frontiers of chemical engineering. Zhang Zaoxiao, secretary of the Party Branch of SCET, presided over the sub-forum. Representatives of outstanding teachers and students from SCET attended the seminar.

The first report of the post-doctoral seminar of Gao Yongsheng from Harvard University shared his academic achievements in the fields of biomaterials and drug release. Subsequently, 15 young talents from Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Japan, Hong Kong and domestic universities and research institutes made academic reports. Their wonderful sharing brought an academic feast to the teachers and students of the whole school. The sub-forum report will be successfully concluded at noon on November 18.